#RecognizeGrumpAss When was the last time you recognized your boss – Mr. or Ms Grump Ass? Well that explains the name. Simple praise goes both ways. The next time you catch your manager doing something deserving – offer him or her some “feel good” kudos – but only if you mean it.  Everyone can recognize a superficial “brown –noser.” Most managers have something to offer in terms of knowledge and ability – usually that is why they are called managers. We know some like Grumpy Ass...
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Flamin Hot Recognition Get’s ‘em Feeling Good

Flamin Hot Recognition Get’s ‘em Feeling Good We’re often asked about ideas for recognizing employees… Here is one of our favorites. As soon as you get a new employee, send them a ‘I’d like to get to know you better’ questionnaire. Include things like ‘what’s your favorite junk food’, ‘favorite 7-11 splurge’, ‘favorite movie’, ‘favorite vacation spot’, ‘what’s your passion outside of work’, etc.Then, throughout the...
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Here a peep. There a peep. WuHuu!

Here a peep. There a peep. WuHuu! As a kid, there was nothing more magical than finding yellow peeps, only yellow back in the day, with green grass stuck to them in my easter basket.  Not that I truly loved the taste of em, but it wasn’t easter without the soft,gooey, little, sugary, marshmallow fun peeps! Born in 1953, they are now 61 years old!  And since I don’t eat em, throughout the years I had to find other things you can do with em!  So here’s my top two things to do with peeps: Peep Wars: ...
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Create a culture of Hugs- Hug Mr. Grump Ass today!

Create a culture of Hugs- Hug Mr. Grump Ass today! Editors Note:  This blog posting is an except from our upcoming eBook “Stuck in a Shellhole?” – a very uncommon guide showing how to create a simple praise and fun culture. Create a culture of Hugs – Hug Mr. Grump Ass today! Hugs . . .If you get your share of them you might not really understand their worth. A hug says…YOU are LOVED. You MATTER. I SEE you. I CARE. But what if you didn’t get many hugs? Worse, what if you didn’t get ANY hugs?!...
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2013 – China Alibaba Lessons Learned & Lots of Mr. Grump Asses!

2013 – China Alibaba Lessons Learned & Lots of Mr. Grump Asses! The best part of our WuHuu company journey are the many friends and partners who are on it with us. If you are reading this, you are one of them. We do not bring up our company alone, and we are so grateful to our many friends and partners who have supported us.. here are a few: Kaleb — Our awesome friend and mentor who has shared his past work experience with us regarding quality assurance for importing. Harriet – Our first partner and friend in China...
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What do you do when you don’t fit in with your company’s culture?

What do you do when you don’t fit in with your company’s culture? I came to the utility from the tech industry, where people take themselves a lot less seriously. In tech, we did lots of pranks (like the good ol’ go on vacation and wrap their cube in foil), fun events (like Halloween haunted houses with our cubes), and happy hours with the CEO. At the utility, there was none of that, unless you wanted weird stares or to inadvertently offend someone. At the utility, hierarchy was most important, and your rank distinctly...
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To make 300 million peeps around the world smile and feel like WOW!

To make 300 million peeps around the world smile and feel like WOW! The two most important lessons I have ever learned come from my children. Always recognize the positive in others and never give up because you are their role model.  Maybe this is why I have never given up on my life long passion to make 300 million peeps around the world smile and feel like wow, to pursue my dream as an avid entrepreneur, and start the company “WuHuu!” So it might seem a little bit strange that I have worked for 13 plus years in a...
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Deck the Cubicles With Boughs of Jolly: Festively Fun Office Ideas

From answering the phones to filling the toner for the eighth time . . . it seems like everything is just so much less of a chore at Christmas time. Everyone on their best behavior, helping each other out and not even caring that someone stole their favorite highlighter . . . again. You may even find yourself refilling the coffee pot without griping that Sally in marketing seems to drink about nine pots a day on her own. In honor of this jolly and wonderful time...
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Go, Team, Go! Off the Wall Team Builders That Cost Next to Nothing

Looking for a way bring your team together without sending your Big Office Building into foreclosure? Try one of our favorite off the wall team builders that cost next to nothing. Go, team, go!   Chopped If your office is a big fan of the Food Network Show Chopped, consider having everyone bring in a mystery ingredient from home. Anything in the break room is also fair game. Allow everyone to try each other’s dishes and don’t forget the elimination rounds!...
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These hilarious DIY costumes will be sure to win first place in the office costume contest!

Walnelli and Friends: DIY Costumes to Win the Big Office Contests What nut doesn’t love Halloween? It’s a time for fun, a time for being goofy and socially acceptable and unfortunately a time when unfortunate nuts who are trying to save a few bucks, find themselves in some chubby kids pumpkin pail searching for a Baby Ruth . . . But that’s a real Debbie downer subject stealing candy from kids, and this is Halloween! So let’s keep things fun with these delightfully...
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